• Anna Bielak-Dworska

“TO MULTIPLY” framework & toolkit - ready to start!

Updated: 13 hours ago

We are very proud to announce another part of our intellectual output titled “TO MULTIPLY” framework

& Toolkit.

We want to inspire you by giving you practical tools and tips to start your own project—that’s why in the following chapters, you will find tools and methods that will help you facilitate working on the project

strategy and rolling out your project. Check out our Toolkit!

The approach of the “TO MULTIPLY” is learning by doing. We invite you to create original educational programs on the design methodology and process that will include young designers and local communities into the meaningful social regeneration activities in the chosen area.

You can download the handbook & toolkit by filling the form on the main page www.codesignyourplace.eu.

All tools are available to read here.


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