CHANGEmaker program

 Our program is based on real cases, practice and building experience.

CHANGEmaker program

The main idea of the program is to prepare young people (<30) to be changemakers, designers and leaders in the regenerated areas.

Our program is based on real cases, practice and building experience. During 12 months of intensive, educational and practical workshops, we will design and implement three services supporting the urban renewal by social inclusion.

 You will learn 

  • What are Service Design Methodology and social inclusion

  • How to design and implement the social project

  • How to make your solution more sustainable

  • How to work in an interdisciplinary and international group

  • How to engage local society in the regeneration process

 Sessions Timline 

18 November 2019

 18-22 November 2019

“Social Inclusion in regeneration” 

5 days of workshop in Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland

18 November 2019

 10-14 February 2020

“Service design in the regeneration process”

5 days of workshop in London, Great Britain

18 November 2019

 20-24 April 2020

“Sustainable business models”

5 days of workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark

18 November 2019

 06-10 July 2020

 “Implementation of a service supporting the regeneration of the Palace”

5 days of workshop in Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland

18 November 2019

 14-18 September 2020

“Implementation of service supporting the selected regeneration case in London”

5 days of workshop in London, Great Britain

18 November 2019

 12-16 October 2020

“Implementation of a service supporting the regeneration of the historical police station”

5 days of workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark

 Case studies 

During each meeting in Poland, Great Britain and Denmark we will be visiting and discussing case studies of selected regeneration areas – with practitioners!

Terms of participation

  • Passion about social activity, service design, and sustainability

  • You must be under 30 years old

  • The project requires min. 30 days of participation in educational and implementation sessions, including 20 days abroad

  • Please, book 2 extra days for traveling

  • All expenses covered by us (education, traveling, accommodation, catering)


The recruitment of 18 people (< 30), 6 people by each country, will start in October 2019. Please notice that to participate in the program you need to book your time from November 2019 to November 2020 for min. 30 days of educational workshops that will take place in Siemianowice Śląskie, London and Copenhagen. The program is free of charge.

 Our experiences 

We organized an international conference and service design workshop “Co-design your P(a)lace” in 2018.

The event became a prototype for the CHANGEmaker program. If you are interested in last year's edition, click the link 

Creation and Implementation
of Social Services


 We focus on real needs 

That is why we decided to answer the challenge of selected regeneration places which need our support! We will be working with real people, in real places, on real problems, and with real managers or leaders who are responsible for the particular regeneration processes. Each group will implement one solution in Copenhagen, London and Sieminawice Śląskie.


 Service design doing 

Based on Service Design Methodology you will create and implement solutions designed by people, with people and for people!


 Learning by doing 

We strongly believe that the best practice is learning by doing – you will certainly not miss this in our program!


 Building your real experience 

You will build your experience by implementing solution that supports regeneration process. Thanks to that you will enrich not only your portfolio, but also your knowledge, insight and community.


By taking part in our program you will participate in the creation of the impact handbook.

The content of the publication will consist of:

  • Tools we used

  • Case studies

  • Described solutions that we will be designed during the CHANGEmaker program

  • Model of involving young people in regeneration processes designed by us!

  • Bio of Changemakers that will take part in.


An international conference summarizing the project will be held in November/December 2020.

During the event, solutions designed by Changemakers will be presented, as well as a handbook written by participants.



the trainers

As part of an international conference, we will train you how to be an animator who involves young people in regeneration processes using service design tools.


good idea

After our program, we would love to share our results and experience! We will encourage you to share your new skills with your local community.



We would like to share everything that will be happeninig during our program using educational platform. Every tool, good practice, any small discovery or improvement will be spread through our online platform. Be a part of a good e-changemaker movement!