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Recruitment for the international CO-DESIGN YOUR PLACE has begun!

Project is implemented under Action 2: Strategic Partnerships. Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, Erasmus+.

We are looking for skills:

Someone who wants to:

What do we offer:

  • Self-motivated

  • Passionate about working with the local community

  • Interested in sustainable development

  • Aware of sustainable goals and approach, also regenerated issues!

  • Someone who wants to learn within the international team and spread the energy in own community afterwards.

  • Develop design skills

  • Learn how to implement social projects

  • Get experience in an interdisciplinary and international group

  • Take part in an international project and build a network of young leaders of social change

  • The unique educational program consisting of 6 creative workshops and implementation sessions: in London, Silesia (Siemianowice Śląskie) and Copenhagen

  • Experienced trainers/teachers conducting workshops

  • Practical approach – work on real regeneration case studies

  • Service design and sustainable development approach

  • Support of experienced project leader

  • Self-improvement by experiencing, reflecting, learning and active experimenting within an international team

  • You will expand your portfolio with 3 implementation projects

  • Networking with international partners

  • It easy for you! – we organise flights, accommodation, local transport and alimentation

  • Engagement in an intellectual output – you will be the co-author of the handbook

  • Certificate of accomplishing the educational program

  • Participation in an international conference

  • Sharing knowledge with others via training led by you!

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