CHANGEmaker program

 Our program is based on real cases, practice and building experience.

CHANGEmaker programme in regeneration

The main idea of Co-design Your Place programme is to involve young people in the regeneration processes of degraded but culturally significant areas by designing, experimenting and prototyping solutions supporting a new quality of social engagement and services.

From 2018 we have organised three editions of Co-design Your Place sprints based on Service Design methodology and two online one. We have engaged over 60 designers from all around the world in the regeneration of the Palace-Park Complex in Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland. During 5-days workshops, we have been co-discovering and co-designing with the local community to create a real impact in this meaningful, historical place through innovation and collaboration.

 You will learn 

  • What are Service Design Methodology and social inclusion

  • How to design and implement the social project

  • How to make your solution more sustainable

  • How to work in an interdisciplinary and international teams

  • How to engage local community in the regeneration process

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Summer Volunteer Programme

Sounds good for you? Are you interested?

Join the Co-design Your Place edition 2021!

Summer Volunteer Programme is three months programme focused on building the service that will support the regeneration of the Palace-Park Complex in Siemianowice Śląskie by creating a sustainable community around it. The recruited team ​will learn how to design a service referring to the exciting brief (which is still a secret), prepare a prototype, test it and volunteer for the Stable Foundation and local community purposes.

Join the team of only six people who will learn, design and work together from July to September 2021. To make it real, read about the programme, check if it suits you, fill the recruitment form and keep your fingers crossed! The deadline is the 4th of July, so don’t wait too long!